Lost data due to hardware failure or natural disaster?

Need help recovering confidential files from caused by a human error, a failed, formatted hard drive, server issues, unexpected updates, patches, and power outages?

Our team of experts is available 24/7/365 to address your most pressing business IT needs. Our service is fast and reliable.

Regardless of how robust your IT infrastructure is, disasters still happen. You can lose data due to human errors, malicious acts, hardware and power failures. And when it happens, you need a fast and reliable recovery service to minimize the downtime and productivity loss. We have spent many years improving our

  • DR (Disaster Recovery) methods and techniques. We can quickly troubleshoot complex network, server and storage related problems, identify and fix hardware and software issues. We will replace failed components and help you prevent future productivity losses by designing and implementing additional redundancy solutions.
  • Data Recovery – We can restore files from disks that have been formatted multiple times and are physically damaged. In some cases, it is possible to recover data from old and damaged tapes and other storage media. Our team will help you manage and optimize your existing backup system. Many of our clients prefer to let Apto Information Technologies fully support and maintain their entire backup infrastructure.

But that’s not all. Often, disasters would prompt quick actions to harden your IT environment and create a new DR plan. Apto is your one point of contact for all of the above. We take Disaster Recovery and Disaster Prevention to the next level. We will assess the risks and guide you through the process of creating advanced network & storage failover and fault tolerance, improving your backup solution, proposing new measures and policies to prevent malicious acts through social engineering.

Apto offers Disaster Recovery (DR), Data Recovery and Business Continuity (BC) services to businesses in Colorado SpringsDenver & throughout Colorado.

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