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"Do IT Right"

Mission statement ~ "Do IT Right" - One of the only true shortcuts in life and business is finding and hiring an expert.
It’s not enough to find a good technology, the solution has to be simple and elegant, easy to understand, implement and maintain. This is what we do best.

"Apto" stands for “fit”, “adjust” [latin] and perfectly aligns with our main motto. Do IT right. Every time. This is why by choosing AptoIT you are guaranteed to get the most optimal solution to any complex problem you encounter.

Your Team

Founder - Solution Architect. Cisco CCNP & F5 Networks certified
Customer Liaison - Sales & Marketing
Network Automation & Scripting Cisco CCNP certified


Years Experience
Happy Clients
Certified IT Consultants in the US, Canada, and Europe.

What clients say



"Apto Information Technologies is a great addition to any business because of their team interpersonal skills and the ability to bridge the gap between technology/IT & business. You will never feel like an inferior non-technical business owner in talking with anyone on the team. They are always willing to help and implement the right the solution for your business."

~ Collin N., PMP (Financial Sector)


"Very diligent and resourceful company, Apto Information Technologies has many skills that have helped out immensely with the deployment of the Enterprise Remote Access and the Highly Available Applications & Data Centers Solution. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any Design Solutions initiatives."

~ Alan M., PM (Transportation Sector)


"Apto Information Technologies's technical skills are excellent and their in-depth knowledge spans several areas of IT. The management of the external web structure was impeccable. The individuals on the team also have a good sense of humor and a very easy-going nature which makes them a pleasure to work with. As a team lead, I would regularly receive glowing feedback from the business units they worked with."

~ Maria A., Manager (Energy Sector)

Highly Skilled

"Highly skilled and hard working IT professionals who played an integral role on several of my project teams over the past 2 ½ years. They are very sound technically, have a great attitude and are always willing to put in that extra effort in order to ensure that their deliverables are completed on time and within budget. Apto Information Technologies would be a definite asset to any organization."

~ Allan H., P.Eng. (Oil & Gas Sector)


"Apto Information Technologies designed our company Intranet & Internet presence; their service was excellent, on time and within the agreed budget. I received many compliments from our clients related to the quality of my company websites and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who is in need of a high-quality web portal."

~ Ciprian M., CEO (R&D Geophysical Sector)