How did we start?

We started our career as outsourcing IT technicians, our senior members have made a long and exciting journey to the top, getting invaluable experience in multiple sectors of the IT field, obtaining industry’s most lucrative certifications, bringing new vision and innovation to our team, our clients and business partners.

What was it like to support a business network 20 years ago? Try to imagine the Internet without Google! We used Altavista back then. Search engines weren’t as smart as they are today. You had to work hard to construct your query properly to have any chance of getting helpful information.

Finding the right documentation was a big challenge. In order to perform any task, we had to learn all the procedures by heart. Our lab was bigger than our server room. A single misstep during the installation of Windows NT could result in hours of delays. We used to carry “terminators” on our key chains! Remember those? Novell Netware was all the buzz. Later in 1999 Microsoft would launch its preview of Active Directory along with Windows 2000 Server. And what about modems?

Do you remember the sound of a successful dial-up connection? 28.8kbit/s was considered FAST! You would be surprised to learn how many proprietary serial plugs we had to support! Each such device was required for the unique software to work properly and in many cases different platforms experienced various compatibility issues, causing headaches and disruptions.

Reflecting on the past 20 years of Hi-Tech & IT

We can wholeheartedly say it’s been a great ride! We have helped thousands of people by making their IT environment more reliable, secure and scalable. We have averted outages and disruptions, saved or recovered petabytes of client data, implemented multiple innovative solutions and always stayed true to you – our customers – our business partners – our friends.

Thank You

Apto Information Technologies Team.